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This website needs funding to be completed, especially to pay for a web developer to build the features and pages. We’ve already created a logo and a skeleton website that includes a masthead, footer, register / login features and our About pages. These items are the same at most of our sites, so it’s fairly easy to re-use them.

To donate towards doing the rest of the site, click here. The donation will automatically be associated with this site. To play a major role in funding, email donor@maximumgood.org and tell us which site you’re interesting in supporting. Then we can talk by email or phone. We’re happy to acknowledge you on the site as a major supporter.

Summary of this website

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Internal note to team: when a site description is ready, delete everything in this subsection of the page. In its place, copy and paste the description. Put the following text as a paragraph above the description: Below is a description of the website. It will be replaced and/or updated in the future as we do the rest of the website:

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