Ways You Can Help Us

This website is a service of MaximumGood. As a nonprofit organization, we depend a great deal on the support of people like you, which we are very grateful for!

Here are some ways you can help us out:


This is the most important support you can provide us.

You can donate by electronic check, credit card or Paypal. We are an IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charity, so your donations are fully tax-deductible. 

Spread the word

Word-of-mouth is also incredibly helpful to organizations. For example, did you know that Google went from being unknown to being one of the biggest companies in only a couple of years, with almost zero advertising spending?

Here are some ways you can help us become better-known:

Do your online searches through us

This actually generates revenue for us, as Yahoo! donates to our nonprofit every time you do a web search via our site.

Just type into our search box what you’re looking for and press enter; this will lead you directly to a Yahoo! page with your results.

Donate regularly by adding the Yahoo! GoodSearch toolbar to your browser

A donation is made directly to MaximumGood every time you use the toolbar to search the Net or shop online at one of GoodSearch’s participating stores.

Click here to view it. Click here to download the toolbar and ensure you’ve selected MaximumGood as the nonprofit you want to support.

From GoodSearch: “Please note, any time you or your anti-virus software clears your cookies or temporary files you will need to return to the GoodSearch homepage and re-select your charity again.”

Make your Amazon purchases through us

If you shop online, use the Amazon search bar on our site. Your prices will be the same as normal prices, and Amazon will donate 4-7% of the purchase to us. Amazon now sells computers, clothing, hardware items and more, and their prices honestly are often the lowest. If 6,000 people buy $100 in one year through our search bar, it will generate $30,000 in donations for our nonprofit. 


Choose from one of our dozens of unique fundraising websites to do a fundraiser for our organization.


To see all of our volunteer opportunities, click here.